Yam Porridge


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Yam porridge benefits include

  • Yam is rich in potassium essential component of cell and body fluids that controls the heart rate and also the arterial blood pressure. Potassium helps in enhancing digestion and kindles smooth muscle.
  • Yam tubers are used for various traditional medicines in China, Korea and Japan. Its mucilaginous tuber milk contains allantoin, a cell-proliferate that speeds up the healing process when applied on ulcers, boils, and abscesses. Its decoction also used to stimulate appetite and to relieve bronchial irritation, cough.
  • Yam is rich vitamin B6 which the body requires to break down the homocysteine that has the ability to damage walls of blood vessels.

  • Yam contains vitamin C  and beta-carotene. ; vitamin-C. provides about 29 percent of recommended levels per 100 g. Vitamin C performs the function of being an anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. They aid to prevent free radicals that can cause cancer. These properties are good advantages to arthritis and asthmatic patients .Other functions are they also prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Fresh root also contains good amounts of the antioxidant vitamin.

  • Yam has a low glycemic index . With this, it controls the level of blood sugar generally especially in the cases of diabetes.

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