Peppered Snail


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Peppered Snail is fortified with the following

  • Proteins: snails are a source of low-calorie protein essential for repairing and building body tissues
  • Good source of iron, essential for building red blood cells and carrying energy around the body. A lack of iron can lead to extreme fatigue and anaemia.
  • Vitamin B12: Often cited as the ‘energy vitamin’, B12 is needed for making red blood cells, keeping the nervous system healthy, releasing energy from the food we eat and processing folic acid. Luckily, snails have lots of it.
  • Magnesium: Snails are also a good source of magnesium, which our bodies need to maintain a normal blood pressure, strengthen bones and also keep your heartbeat regular
  • Selenium: We don’t need much selenium in our bodies, but we do need some to keep a healthy immune system and to protect cells against damage.  And yes, snails contain selenium
  • Omega-3: Snails supply a little amount of Omega-3 which is good for the heart

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