Natives Ugwu Vegetable Sauce


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Natives Ugwu Vegetable Facts

Natives Ugwu vegetable sauce benefits are

  1. Contains healthy amounts of vitamins
  2. Helps in the prevention of convulsion
  3. Helps in reducing body cholesterol
  4. Boost fertility by regenerating testicular damage and increasing spermatogenesis
  5. Protects the liver
  6. Has antibacterial effects
  7. Contains iron which can be used to cure anaemia
  8. Can be used by nursing mothers to lactate properly
  9. Has sugar reducing properties useful in solving diabetes
  10. Increases blood volume
  11. Boost immune system and has high protein content

Pumpkin leaves has a healthy amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron, while still staying very low on the calorie front. Aside from the vision benefits in Vitamin A that the leaves provides, there are also numerous skin benefits.
The consumption of calcium helps in the preventon of osteoporosis and keep your bones strong. There have also been studies showing that calcium may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular failure

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