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  1. It has all the proteins and energy sustaining power more than many other diets. They are light, refreshing and can be a healthy diet so if you are looking for healthy diet and healthy eating advice, look no further.
  2. It can be preserved for a long time in a cool environment.
  3. It is a good choice for healthy weight loss


Most Nigerians and Africans eat moi moi with rice – Jollof, fried, white or ofada. Some people cook moi moi with various fillings like eggs, prawns, fish or corned beef. They are traditionally cooked in many homes in the rural areas as well as in the cities with no sugar and proportional amounts of salt, pepper, tomatoes, palm oil and other condiments.
To completely enjoy its health benefits, it is better and safer to avoid palm oil. For colouring, people generally use fresh tomatoes or tomato puree. However, the ingredients depend on one’s preferences. It can be eaten with cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms and broccoli. Many Nigerians traditionally, eat it with pap – akamu in Ibo and Ogi in Yoruba dialect, or with a special corn meal called (Agidi)

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