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Amala is capable of

  • Managing diabetes: this is due to it low glycemic index. In combination with the positive effects of  antioxidants found in stew and ewedu , it makes it very good for diabetes management
  • Improving cardiovascular diseases
  • Lowers cancer risk: Ewedu and stew have several antioxidants in it and these antioxidants aid in mopping up of pro-oxidants that could instigate cancer.
  • Weight loss: Taking a healthy amount of Amala( yam flour) with ewedu and stew is good for weight loss. Pepper has a chemical compound called capsaicin that could jazz up metabolism, keep immature fat cells from developing and so promotes weight loss. This ability coupled with ewedu that has low calorie and a healthy amount of amala that has low GI supports weight loss.
  • Building immunity: The immune system is stronger when workload on it is reduced and also a reduction in the rate of oxidative stress in the body. There are several types of vitamins found in this meal and many antioxidants that help to make possible clearing up of prooxidants and simultaneously making the immune system better. The immune system is necessary for fighting infections so it is very important it is not weak.

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