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Sandwich types benefits are

  • Egg type- This is one of the most healthy sandwiches to have in your meals. Eggs are high in proteins. They also give us instant energy. So, when you add some scrambled eggs into bread, you also get to have lots of carbohydrates. You need to keep in mind that you use whole wheat bread only as they are healthier. This is one of the most healthy snacks as you get to have lots of proteins, carbohydrates and fibre in one go.
  • Chicken type- Grilled, baked or steamed chicken in a whole wheat bread is an excellent menu for breakfast. Grilled, baked or steamed chicken hardly have any calories and are high in protein content. It can also be considered as one of the best healthy snacks for all the non-vegetarians as they love to eat chicken.

  • Mushroom type- Most of us are aware of the fact that mushrooms are considered as one of the superfoods. They are rich in proteins that are an essential body building element. Apart from that, mushrooms have much more health benefits. So you can easily have them in your diet by using them in a sandwich recipe. You can also use some herbs for adding some taste and flavours. This is one of the healthiest sandwiches that you can have as snacks.
  • Vegetable type- No one can deny the health benefits of a vegetable sandwich. You get to have a plethora of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients packed in the vegetables. You can take your own pick of veggies for making a healthy sandwich. This is both a low-calorie food and a filling one.
  • Baked Potato and Fish type- Include baked potatoes and grilled or steamed fish in your wish list for sandwiches. This is a tasty and healthy combination for a sandwich. You can keep the fish fillets at the bottom and then add the mashed baked potatoes on the top along with some herbs. This is a healthy and filling food to relish on.

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